Rutgers Physics Student Response System

Pedagogical Uses of the SRS, Fall 1996

In the fall of 1996, there were ten courses which met in the Physics Lecture Hall. The use that these courses made of the system is currently being researched

Clientele Current SRS
109 Astronomy and
Cosmology I
Nonscience majors Not used.
110 Astronomy and
Cosmology II
Nonscience majors
111 Contemporary
Nonscience majors Graded attendance
115 Extended Ana-
lytical Physics I
Engineers needing
extra preparation
regular ungraded MC
123 Analytical
Physics I
Engineers graded attendance, regularly
ungraded MC sometimes
202 Extended Gen-
eral Physics
204 students needing
extra preparation
203 General
Physics I
Science majors
not Physics or Engineering
Not used because only
one of two sections
met in the PLH
204 General
Physics II
Science majors
not Physics or Engineering
227 Analytical
Physics II
Engineers Attendance always
ungraded M. C. often
271 Principles
of Physics
Physics majors and
honors engineers
graded attendance regularly
ungraded M. C. sometimes

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