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Questionaire on SRS in Engineering Physics II

Two questions concerning the use of the Student Response System were included on the student evaluations for the second year engineering course, on electricity and magnetism, in fall 1996. The SRS had been used to take attendance, roughly in the middle of each period, every lecture, and one point (out of 521) given for each attendance, with four excused absenses. (That is, of the 25 lectures, a student who attended 21 times got a perfect score of 21). The system was used for a single, ungraded, multiple choice question roughly half the time.

106 students turned in questionaires (of a class of about 400!) and in general they were quite hostile. The questions on the SRS were:

Using the student response system (SRS) to take attendance is
1)Good idea!24
3)No opinion6
4)Would be OK if done differently5
5)Bad idea!9
(No response)32

Using SRS for Questions during lecture:
1)Good idea, should have been done more! 34
3)No opinion8
4)Done too often, took away from lecture 1
5)Bad idea!5
(No response)32

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