Rutgers Physics SRS, Pedagogy

Questionaire on SRS in Extended Analytical Physics

Results of SRS Questionnaire

Physics 116

March 26-28, 1996

Number of students responding = 85; Number enrolled= 105 (81%)

Do you attend lecture (circle one):
rarely (0%); sometimes(5%); almost always(95%)

Do you think the use of the SRS helps you get more out of the lecture?
yes: 95%; no: 5%

Question Percentage
The SRS helps me stay awake in lecture.53%
I feel more involved in the material when we use the SRS in lecture.88%
When I am feeling confused, it helps me to see that I am not the only person who doesn't understand. 67%
I enjoy seeing the histogram of the class responses displayed on the overhead. 66%
I gain confidence when I correctly respond to the SRS questions. 80%
I find it helpful when the lecturer discusses the wrong answers as well as the right answers to the SRS questions. 91%
The whole lecture should be given as a series of SRS questions and discussion. 20%
The SRS has potential, but the lecturer is not using it very effectively. 0%
When using the SRS, the questions asked in lecture are too simple and a waste of time. 0%
When using the SRS, the questions asked in lecture are too difficult and a waste of time. 0%
It is a waste of time in lecture to use the SRS, I would prefer that the lecturer do more lecturing. 0%

In the current mode of use the SRS responses are anonymous. If the lecturer could identify you and was keeping a record of your responses, how would your feelings be different about the SRS.

For (36)Against (32)
They would not change. (23) I would not like it, I would rather stay anonymous. (13)
It wouldn't bother me as long as the lecturer didn't use my answers against me/grade if they were wrong or right.(2) I would not use the SRS anymore, confidentiality is the key. (4)
It would help the lecturer to know who is listening. I wouldn't like it for it doesn't say much about the student.
I would actually respond with the right answers instead of screwing around with it. I would probably hate it.
I would like that, I feel that a record of my responses would be informative to me. I don't think it would work effectively. Students would not be concerned with what they know but with what the Prof. sees.
Why would the lecturer need to record my responses? It is satisfaction enough for me to know I got the answer right. It could be useful, though, in deciding between a B+ and an A. I would feel stressed out about it. It would take the fun out of it.
I would try harder to figure out the answer. (2) I might be less likely to respond.
I would be more nervous and careful to put down an answer. I would not like it. It would put pressure on you to answer correctly, when the whole point should be to answer real questions with no embarrassment.
I wouldn't mind, maybe we could use it as a faster way to give quizzes. I would not be as confident.
It would be OK if no grades were given on this. But it might not work because people who can't answer would just guess anything. I would be more hesitant to answer and I would be uncomfortable. I would be afraid to get the wrong answer. (3)
My feelings wouldn't change. It's a learning experience and it can be helpful. I wouldn't want it that way, there would be cheating.
It would let the professor know exactly who is having problems so that they could help the individual students who needed help the most. I wouldn't like it because most of my answers are wrong. I don't know the material that well during lecture. (2)
It would suck. (2)

Please write any additional comments or observations that you have about the use of the SRS in lecture.
The system is very good and I learn a lot.
I love/like it. (13)
The use of the SRS should be expanded throughout every lecture.
It should be used for attendance (2).
It is probably the single most helpful tool provided to me.
We should utilize all of the keys on the keypad instead of just 1-5.
It keeps the class interesting and fast moving.
I find it very useful in making the students active in class.
The SRS should be used in more classes.
Works well and allows for cooperative discussion of answers with other students.
The lecture before an exam should be done as a series of SRS questions. Some of the questions are simple, but they cause you to think quickly which helps on the exams.
I do not care about it, it really does nothing for me. If it didn't exist I would not care. I truly do not care.

This questionaire was designed, administered and the results compiled by Suzanne Brahmia. The results were converted to html and placed here by
Joel Shapiro