Rutgers Physics Student Response System

Instructions for Use

There are currently two modes of operation which have been tested. One is an untagged mode multiple choice (5 answer) question program called mchoice. The other uses tagged mode, also for 5 answer multiple choice questions, which begins by asking for an identification number from each student. It is called attend.

The instructions for the instructor on running the system, and brief instructions for the students, to be placed on an overhead projector, are available for both modes. PS indicates a postscript version.

Experimental Slide Show

A slide show for the instructor, describing the system and use of the attend program is under development. However The full video presentation has 42 slides and takes about 11 minutes to view if it all works right, and downloads about 5.2MB of audio and 1.1MB of gif files.
If you want to try it, press here.

Last revised: December 27, 1996
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