Rest-frame fitter

These files correspond to the rest-frame MLCS2k2 fitter described by Jha, Riess, & Kirshner (2007, ApJ, 659, 122):

Light curve model generation only:     lcgen.tar.gz
    model vectors (M, P, Q; Equation 4):     vectors_U.dat     vectors_B.dat     vectors_V.dat     vectors_R.dat     vectors_I.dat
    reddening description (zeta, alpha, beta; Equations 1 & 2):     zeta.dat     alphabeta.dat

Model fitting:     mlcs2k2.dat.tar.gz
    includes light curve model files above, as well as:
    model covariance matrix (S; Equation 5):     smatrix.dat
    additional reddening vectors (Rtrue, Robs; Figures 2 & 3):     rtrue.dat     robs.dat

K-correction tables (single filter, low-z only):     kcorr.tar.gz

Electronic data from the paper:
    Table 1: Supernova and Host Galaxy Data
    Table 3: SN Ia Late-Time Colors
    Table 4: MLCS2k2 Light Curve Fits


Observer-frame fitter: MLCS2k2 version 0.07

It is written in IDL and is available for use; please send me an email if you download it.


Prior simulation

This IDL code produces the results in the appendix of the paper:     simprior-v2.tar.gz
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