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Density Functional Theory
My Graduate School Thesis Advisor's Page A good starting point if you are interested in D.F.T. D.F.T. and Me Someday this will be a layman's description of why I like D.F.T.
My Old Research Projects My Ph. D. Thesis Adiabatic Connection and Uniform Density Scaling: A Basis for Improving Density Functional Theory

To read the .ps files, you will need a postscript reader. Don't worry GSview, my favorite, is free: Go get it!

Notes, term papers, and other scraps:
My Unix Reference Card My Crash Course in GNUPLOT Some Basic Linux Setup Steps
Some General Relativity Notes Some curt notes about special relativity and general relativity followed by a series of problems which I had to do for my general relativity class. An Introduction to Electron Spectroscopy and the Auger Effect - My senior thesis at Amherst College Automation of a Langmuir Trough - A summer project at the L.R.S.M. at the University of Pennsylvania
A Brief Introduction to Supersymmetry - A final project written for an introductory graduate particle physics class Demystifying Dirac's Bra and Ket Notation - This one's written but not quite good enough to be posted. What the Hell is the Lagrangian? - I'm not sure I know the answer yet, but I'll tell you when I do.
The Addition of Angular Momentum: Why is it so Weird? Miscellaneous Physics Programs in Basic/Fortran - As it is now, none of these programs are very useful. I've got some better ones coming. A Quick Look at the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect This is summary of what a series of references said. It is not too insightful but basic and readable.

Useful and Elaborate Homework Solutions:
An Incomplete Solutions Guide to Jackson's Text pdf This is quite a popular one. If you use it, please be gracious and tell me if you find typos or blatant mistakes. I'd like to thank those for you who have actually sent in corrections. Quantum Field Theory Homework Solutions
Scalar Theory and R.G.
Q.E.D. and Gauge Theory
Many Body Physics Homework Solutions
Second Quantization
The Hubbard Model(Mathematica)
Many Body Scattering
Green's Functions

A list of the On's in solid state physics: On and On.

Useful or otherwise thought provoking physics links:

General Physics

Periodic table of the elements - Self-explanatory
Statistical Mechanics - Some General Statements and Proofs
The American Physical Society - I pay dues here.
The Art of Electronics
Find XXX A popular preprint server.
Free and good General Relativity book.
Shareware Map of the Stars Skyglobe for DOS is specifically what I'm talking about! I never tried the others.
Experimental String Theory -> Knots

Density Functional Theory, Electronic Structure

Prof. Gross's Group Page in Berlin That's where I was the year before last.
REFERS.TXT A reasonably complete list of all the major references in Density Functional Theory.
Functional World A reasonably complete list of all the major functionals in DFT.
Silicon Band Structure Simulator
Pre-defined k-point sets for Crystalline calculations
k sampling
A Quantum Chemistry Text This looks promising.
Britney Spears teaches semi-conductor physics!

Particle Physics

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Purgatory. . .where I spent one long summer.
Relativistic Quantum Fields 1


Measure 4 Measure - Links to dozens of wonderful conversion sites.
The Integrator - An Invaluable Resource to the Physics Student. This Web Site solves integrals analytically for you.
The "Cubic Formula" - A formula that doesn't come up too often in physics, but it's nice to know.
The Mathematics of Fermat's Last Theorem


More Jackson Electrodynamics Solutions PDF and PS files. Nice.
E&M-Web Quiz - One of my favorites. This is a quiz with little math, just physics. It's pretty scary when there's no differential equations to lean upon, but give it a try. It's fun to see how much you really understand!

Programming Languages and References

Hello, World Page!
Beginning C++ Tutorial
C++ Programming Information
C++ Language Tutorial
The C++ Virtual Library
Help with Unix
Some Guy's Computer/Network Resources
The ROOT System Home Page - A graphing and analysis package supported by CERN.
Tutorials -- Game Programming Resources and Links


Essential LaTeX on Athena
Help On LaTeX Commands
The LATEX2HTML Translator


A Beginner's Guide to HTML Home Page
Introduction to HTML
The Free Site: Free Graphics, free icons, free backgrounds, free patterns, free buttons


Language Translator - Translates texts from one language to another. This sites a lot of fun, but don't take it too seriously. It makes lots of mistakes.
Language Translator - Translates texts from Arabic to English and vice versa.
2D Schroedinger Equation Solver
Acension Island

I am currently a staff scientist at Sandia National Laboratories.

I senior scientist at the Enig Associates, Inc in Silver Spring, Maryland.

I was a guest researcher at the NIST Center for Theoretical and Computational Nanoscience.

I was a postdoc at the Theory Division at Los Alamos National Lab.

I was a graduate student at Rutgers University Department of Physics and Astronomy when I made this page.

Generally, I'd appreciate constructive suggestions, nice comments, or insightful statements about anything pertaining to physics or this web page. My old e-mail address is: