Nicodemos Varnava

I’m a Condensed Matter Theorist currently working towards my PhD at Rutgers University under Prof. David Vanderbilt.

In 2016, I graduated summa cum laude from the National Technical University of Athens with a 5-year joint degree, specializing in Theoretical Physics and Advanced Materials.

I’m currently interested in the field of topological materials. My research mainly involves building models that help us analyse and understand their properties, but also predict possible realizations of these material systems.

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Topology is a branch of mathematics that is concerned with the classification of mathematical objects. In the context of condensed matter physics, it emerged as a new tool to classify phases of matter. Topological materials are very unique in that their responses can be quantized with extreme precision.

Ab-Initio Calculations

First principle or ab initio calculations brought theory and experiment hand to hand. These are calculations that are based on the laws of quantum mechanics and only use the fundamental constants of physics as input to provide detailed insight into the origin of mechanical, electronic, optical and magnetic properties of materials and molecules.


Surfaces Of Axion Insulators

Surfaces Of Axion Insulators

Axion insulators are magnetic topological insulators whose naturally gapped surfaces give rise to a half-quantized surface anomalous Hall conductivity. In this paper, we consider topological phenomena at the surface of an axion insulator. For example we find that an octahedral crystallite in the ferromagnetic axion insulator phase, will exhibit multiple higher order topological phases. That is, depending on the magnetization direction the half-quantized surface anomalous Hall conductivity results in various chiral channels at the surface of the axion insulator. PhysRevB.98.245117



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