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Some pictures of Cambridge, MA taken by JamCam camera are here...
Hi guys! This is a secret page. All the accesses are being recorded. You should forget this page immediately after you leave. You can also read news about the nuclear conflict between Russia and the USA at CNN.COM. The aliens learn the most important things about the physical world in the Elegant Universe.
News: we have just built an antigravitational wormhole on our garden. We are finally able to obtain one more unit of energy from nothing by cutting a triangle to four pieces and reshuffling them.
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My name is Abbe Hyupsing Qong and I came from the planet called Zetor here. My specialization is the terrestrial biology and the new theory replacing Einstein's relativity by Prof. Vlcek, based on quasicircular inertial motion and the time common in all the rest frames. This theory by Prof. Vlcek is a monumental achievement of the human race at your planet.
Anyone working at the Service for a Convenient Aliens' Life must learn two languages and adopt a nationality. I adopted the Czech nationality and learned English and Czech even though I have never been to Europe. The reason is that I liked books by Havel and Kundera a lot. Now I can speak Czech better than English and our native language. Incidentally, my adopted name is Lubos Motl. You can also see a picture of my older brother who has unfortunately passed away during the last flight.
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I hope that you are not distracted by the animated picture of myself. All of us had to prepare special masks to look just as the people living on the Earth. So whenever you meet me at the Department of Physics and Astronomy in New Jersey or at NASA or our spaceship, you will see a person looking precisely as the terresterial human beings. My mask is able to change its gender so I can look both as a girl and as a boy. You can see my mask here.
I like to chat via computers at the UFO.ORG. But sometimes I also chat or mail with some terresterial human beings, especially from the Czech Republic which is my specialization as I have already said.
This page and all the organizations by aliens are secret so far. But there are some efforts against the UFO and Alien secrecy. I tend to sympathize with them and sometimes I uncover part of our mystery to human beings.

Many human beings ask me about the physical principles of our spaceships. Shortly, the presentation is easy. We use magnetic monopoles to catalyze a complete annihilation of the latent energy
This is a fascinating energy that gives our spaceships speed about 10000c where c is the speed of the light on the Earth. With this velocity, we travel between our constellation and the Solar system very quickly, it takes about 3 years to make a trip.

At the picture you can see three heavy superconducting magnets holding the magnetic monopoles inside the spacecraft's motors.
You can mail me at motl@physics.rutgers.edu.
It will be a pleasure if you join the club of our terresterial friends working in Brno that I have founded. My faked page (pretending that I am a terrestrial human being) can be found at http://come.to/lumo.