Michael Solway

Michael Solway

Email:   mikesol_at_physics.rutgers.edu

Mailing Address:   1535 East 14th Street, Apt. 4K, Brooklyn, NY 11230

About Me

I am a recent PhD graduate from the astrophysics group of the physics and astronomy department at Rutgers University, where I studied the interaction between orbits of stars and spiral arms in disk galaxies under Professor J. A. Sellwood.

I earned my undergraduate degree at Rutgers University as well. I grew up in Plainsboro, NJ and attended West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North.

My Interests

In my free time, I play various sports including tennis, badminton, racquetball, ping pong, soccer, ultimate frisbee, bowling, skiing, running, doing yoga and general exercise. I also enjoy hiking, fishing, mushroom picking, cooking, brewing beer, writing poetry, and ballroom dancing.