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Physics 203-204 fulfills all the physics requirements for science majors, as well as admission to healthcare professional schools and graduate schools. It provides an excellent opportunity for learning physics in a comprehensive, challenging and rewarding way. If you have not taken physics before, or are not comfortable with algebra, trigonometry, or fundamental calculus you may want to consider extra help. This class strictly abides by theRutgers academic integrity policy.

Office Hours are immediately after lecture or by announcement.

You must have a physics textbook for reference. It is strongly suggested that you have Cutnell & Johnson
Physics by Young and Stadler 10th edition.This text book is available in multiple versions including a version which only includes chapters 18-32; the chapters covered in this course. Link for the book website is here........or book resources here. Another excellent book is College Physics by Etkina, Gentile, and Van Huevelen 1st edition. This textbook is available in multiple versions.

Grades are based on Exam 1 (30%), Exam 2 (30%), Recitation Problems (20%), and Class Problems (20%). To optimize your learning you must choose practice problems, research and investigate online, and come to office hours
in addition to the graded assignments.

A >87
B+ 83-87
B 77-82
C+ 73-76
C 64-72
D 55-63
F <55

Class begins on Monday July 11th and meets every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning.
Exam 1 will be held on Friday July 29th at 10:15AM in the Physics Lecture Hall. It will cover, charges, fields, circuits, and induction. In the Cutnell & Johnson Physics 10e this covers chapters 18-24. Exam 2 will be held on Wednesday August 17th at 10:15AM in the Physics Lecture Hall. It will cover ray & wave optics, relativity, and quantum physics. In the Cutnell & Johnson Physics 10e this covers chapters 25-32.
Below are the dates and topics of each class. Each has associated chapters from Cutnell and Johnson Physics.

July 11th - Electric Charges, Charging, Forces, & E-Fields - Ch18
July 13th - Capacitors, Electric Energy, Potential, & Voltage - Ch19
July 15th - Capacitors, Shielding, & Gauss' Law - Ch18
July 18th - Circuits - Ch20
July 20th - Series and Parallel Circuits - Ch20
July 22nd - Magnetism & Induction - Ch21
July 25th - Induction & AC Circuits- Ch22 & Ch23
July 27th - Review
July 29th - Exam 1
August 1st - Light as a Ray - Mirrors and Reflection
August 3rd - Light as a Wave - Refraction, Diffraction, and Lenses
August 5th - Light as a Wave - EM Waves, Polarization, & Interference
August 8th - Light as a Particle - Photons, Photoelectric Effect, Wave-Particle Duality
August 10th - Relativity
August 12th - Quantum Mechanics
August 15th - Review
August 17th - Exam 2

H1 - Seyed Sabok-Sayr
TH 0815A-0945 LIV TIL-103C

H2 - Chris Munson
TH 1015A-1145 BUS HLL 009

H3 - Vaibhav Dwivedi
TH 1015A-1145 LIV-BE-213
Jonathan Mayes
Rutgers University
Department of Physics
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