Here is a letter written to Global Winds concerning possible disruption of
Our water supplies in Prattsburg.  
Dear Mr. Bachmayer,
     We are in receipt of your e-mail describing a geotech survey, that
 apparently you will be doing for the Breton site directly adjacent to
 our land.  You might want to find out from your geologist in charge what
 he thinks the likelihood would be of these enormous surface area
 foundations to disrupt or contaminate the many relatively shallow water
 wells that have these hills for their watersheds.  In particular, our
 well is virtually along the gradient of your proposed location, i.e.
 uphill from our well.
     Moreover, many wells even miles away show unmistakable reliance on
 water from the peaks.  For example, our well on Route 53 is artesian,
 showing significant pressure from  the higher elevations in the Burke
 Road, Baker Road regions.  In addition, wells are quite fragile in this
 area, either  drying up periodically, or altogether.  This is a very
 serious matter.  Who would be the legally responsible party, if indeed our
water supply
  was affected, your company or the Bretons?  We will definitely be
  our water quality to see what effect the foundations have.
     It certainly would be a nasty surprise if your project affected the
 water supplies of the residents of Prattsburg.  I would be quite
 interested in the relative probabilities your geologist would put on
 possibility of disrupting the water supply of this town.  I am assuming
 that this will be done for each proposed site?  I'm quite sure that each
 place will be different; for instance, I know of one parcel of land
 where the well depth is only 8 feet.  Clearly, wells of shallow depth
 stand a much greater chance of being disrupted by these massive