At the September 22 meeting Erich Bachmeyer said that he would be happy
to do a visual impact study for anyone who wants one.  It would be a
good idea for every homeowner in Prattsburgh and Italy and now, of
course, Cohocton, Avoca and Wheeler to contact Erich Bachmeyer at Global
Winds Harvest and Tom Hagner at Ecogen and ask to have this done.
We are going to post this on the website under "What Can You Do".  It
has been suggested that every homeowner take several photographs of your
home and property so that if and when the towers are built, you can
compare this to the visual impact study that you receive from the two
wind companies.
In line with this, keep in mind when you write to legislators and others that because the wind 
"farms" are spread out over thousands of acres, every single turbine should
have a separate environmental impact study.
Global Winds Harvest, Inc
Erich Bachmeyer
Tom Hagner
716-675-0751 ext 201