It has come to our attention that in the deeds of some Prattburgh residents are restrictive covenants.    For example, there is a homeowner on Baker Road whose land was once part of a large piece of land that was divided up and sold.  Each parcel of land contains a restrictive covenant that forbids the present owner of a parcel from using the land for anything but residential use.

            A lawyer has told us that only someone whose land originates from the same source can stop someone else from using the land for commercial purposes.  However, in the case of the Baker Road resident, his land was once part of a huge piece of land that extended to Fisher and Gleason and perhaps farther.  If anyone whose land originated from the same source has signed a lease for a turbine, the person on Baker Road could call a halt to construction.

            There are covenants like this in other areas of Prattsburgh.  It would be good for anyone who is concerned about wind towers to check your deed and see if you have such a covenant and if it could be applied to anyone who is planning to allow transmission lines to cross their property or turbines to be built on their land. 

            If even one piece of land is eliminated from use by the wind companies the logistics involved in re-routing could be significant.