At the April 22 Scoping Meeting at the Prattsburgh High School, Advocates for Prattsburgh was represented by our lawyer, Art Giacalone.  We need to know who, among our mailing list of well over two hundred people, wants to be included as a member of Advocates for Prattsburgh.  As well as the mailing list, there are over four hundred people who signed the petition for the moratorium last summer. 


          If you wish to be included as a member of Advocates for Prattburgh, please send the names of the adult members of your household (those over 18) with your address and phone number


 either by e-mail to


Or to Advocates for Prattsburgh, P.O.Box 221, Prattsburgh, New York 14873.


          Being a member of Advocates for Prattburgh does not require you to pay money or to write letters, although both of those things would be nice.  What it does do is give the lawyer an idea of whom he is representing.