It has come to my attention that very few people have directly contacted

the Town Board.  Board members have said that they do not believe that most

people in Prattsburgh are opposed to the wind towers because they

haven't heard from them.


Even if you do not think it will sway the Board members, it is important

to speak or write to them individually and/or as a group to let them

know about your concerns.  Even if you are on the fence about the wind

turbines but feel the matter needs more study, it is important to let

them know what is one your mind.  If we don't speak to them directly

then they can tell agencies like NYSERDA that they never heard from the

people in the town.



Harold McConnell Supervisor  522-3333


Donna Campbell  522-4595


David Hall 585-374-5497


Andrew Moesch  522-4720


Sharon Quigley  522-4189