It is essential that as many people as possible contact legislators and state agencies via e-mail, hard copy and telephone.  It also is important to write letters to the editors of all local papers in the area.  The Messenger, The Naples Record, The Dundee Observer and the Courier-Advocate and The Leader have all been receptive to the issue.

            If any names or addresses are incorrect, please let us know.  In addition if there is someone you wish to see added, let us know also.


The followings is a list of people to contact



NYSERDA—New York State Energy Research Development Authority.  NYSERDA is what is called the lead agency in the permitting process for Global Winds Harvest.  NYSERDA will give Global Winds Harvest about four and a half million dollars once they are producing electricity, but first GWH must go through what is called a SEQRA process.  I believe that stands for State Environmental Quality Review Act.  The SEQRA process can be perfunctory or it can be and in depth environmental review involving different state agencies concerned with tourism, environment, recreation, etc.  It is crucial that we ask our legislators to demand an in depth review.  We also have to emphasize that at present there is no mechanism for communications which would inform the community as to WHEN these reviews take place.

            John Saint Cross at NYSERDA spoke to me at length on the phone and I believe that he and others at NYSERDA want to hear from us.  A point to be made is that one single review process is not enough since the wind towers are spread out over thousands of acres.  EVERY SINGLE SITE NEEDS A SEPARATE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STUDY.


NYSERDA : Telephone Number  1-866-NYSERDA


John Saint Cross at NYSERDA  js1@nyserda.org    1-866-697-3732


DEC – jcole@gw.dec.state.ny.us


LEGISLATORS  -- It can be frustrating to write to legislators because sometimes it feels as though the letters just fall into an abyss.  However I do believe that the more they get, the more chance it is that they will be read.  It would be useful to call a legislator’s office and ask to speak to someone there about the Prattsburgh situation.  Get that person’s name and e-mail address and direct your mail to that person as well. 


State Senator John R. Kuhl, Jr.

53rd Senate District

310 LOB

Albany, New York 12247






State Assembly Energy Chair Paul Tonko

LOB 713

Albany, New York 12247





John Howard (works in Tonko’s office)




Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver




Assemblyman Jim Bacalles




103 Consevoort

Bath, New York 14810





Attorney General Eliot Spitzer

New York State Capital

Albany, New York 12224




Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver



I do not have addresses for Hilary Clinton or Charles Schumer, but they can also be contacted.