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Plotting data with FTOOLS

FTOOLS is the analysis package you'll be using to study the light curves. This package has already been installed and is available to you, although its presence isn't announced in any way. That is, there is no separate FTOOLS prompt. This package contains many routines called tasks designed to view, study, analyse astronomical image files, commonly called FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) files.

We'll spend at least a day learning about FTOOLS.

To get help on any of these tasks, type fhelp task at the % prompt. FTOOLS will return a synopsis of the task, and definitions of its inputs or parameters, much like a man page (please check out section 3 for man page info). During a session, you may want to know the values of the inputs a task uses. To do this, type plist task. plist is short for parameter list and does exactly what its name suggests. On each line, you see, a parameter name, an = sign, and the value of the parameter, followed by a very short definition of the parameter.

The FTOOLS commands we'll use most often are flcol,fstatistic,fplot,lcurve and powspec.

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Vincent Jacobs 1999-09-24