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Xselect is the environment which allows you to examine ROSAT files (in addition to several other missions, including ASCA). The following is a list that gets you started with xselect:

Figure: Example GK Per light curve extracted from ROSAT data. The upper figure shows the full dataset (some rescaling is required), while the bottom shows a gap free portion of that dataset (after more rescaling).
\end{center} \end{figure}

Figure: Example energy spectrum from the same data set. Compare with the EXOSAT spectrum in figure 7.

A typical xselect session may go as follows. Suppose you want to view the light curve and energy spectrum of GK Per. You would go to the directory
tutorial/ftools/gkper/rosat/rp300217n00. Then:

$\circ$ Exercise 5: Use xselect to generate a sample light curve and energy spectrum of the source AM Her. The file is: the second PSPCB file in the ROSAT X-ray archive (data set:RP300067A00, exposure:11647 sec). If you click on basic science events and retrieve data products, you'll download the file rp300067a00_bas.fits.Z (after de-tarring). Use xselect on the file rp300067a00_bas.fits, and don't be afraid to rescale and save hard copies. For example, the first light curve you'll make will contain about 18 groups of data separated by gaps. Rescaling will be crucial to interpreting this plot.

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Vincent Jacobs 1999-09-24