Department of Physics and Astronomy
Serin Physics Laboratory
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Physics 341 "Principles of Astrophysics" Fall 1999


Professor: Terry Matilsky, Serin 304W, x5-3876
Time: Wednesday 2 (9:50-11:10) Friday 5 (2:50-4:10)
Location: SERC 117
Office Hour: Wed, 3-4 PM.
Text: "Modern Astrophysics" by Carroll and Ostlie

The Diamond Ring, Kona, Hawaii, July 11, 1991

Comet Hyakutake, March 28, 1996 Prattsburg, N.Y.


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    Background image: Byakko, the white tiger of the West (Fall), one of the talismanic animals that marked the four seasons and cardinal directions in Japanese astronomy.