Event Conversion Program

Event data (List Mode Data) are sets of correlated numbers (parameters) representing a physical measurement.
Data acquisition systems usually collect many variables constituting one physical measurement.
Such groups of data are read out as a list and stored as an event for further analysis.

There exist as many event formats as acquisition systems.
For our analysis we have adopted a special event format to which all externally taken data are converted.

EVC is an X window based application to the event format conversion for data taken at WNSL (Yale University), HRIBF (Oak Ridge National Lab) and LBL(88 Inch Cyclotron), where the Rutgers Nuclear Physics Group has measured magnetic moments of short lived excited nuclear states.

The experiments make use of 4 Clover detectors and involves the measurement of one or more gammas in coincidence with particles up to 33 parameters per event. The analysis requires gain matched gamma energies for each clover segment. This gain matching is built into the event conversion.

The user interface is simple and intuitive. The final parameter ranges can be specified in the "setup" menu. Gain match information has to be provided or is automatically obtained for a given set of peak positions.




Gerfried Kumbartzki
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