Since January 2006 the data acquisition was switched to digital pulse processing using a Digital Gamma Finder (Pixie-4) system from XIA with 20 input channels. The preamp signal of a Ge or a Si detector is directly connected to an input channel. Each input signal is digitized with a clock frequency of 75 MHz, event time and pulse height are written as events into a list file on disk.

We are interested in particle-γ coincidences.
The evb program processes the list files of raw data and creates event files for further analysis.
A coincidence is defined when the time difference between a particle and a γ is less than 1.5 µs.

Other options include histogramming of singles spectra and profile data, like
pps particles per second spectra and
fld field flip times.

Gerfried Kumbartzki
Last modified: Thu Apr 23 16:52:14 EDT 2009