Agilent Technologies Europhysics Prize

Division: Condensed Matter

Sponsor: Agilent Technologies

Period: Every year

a recent work by one or more individuals in the area of physics of condensed matter, specifically work leading to advances in the fields of electronic, electrical and materials engineering which, in the opinion of the Society's selection committee, represents scientific excellence.

Award: Cash prize and diploma

Recent Europhysics Prize winners

Antoine Georges (Ecole Polytechnique and CNRS, France)
Gabriel Kotliar (Rutgers University, USA)
Walter Metzner (Max Planck Institute-Stuttgart, Germany)
Dieter Vollhardt (University of Augsburg, Germany)
Short citation :
For the development and application of the dynamical mean field theory.

Previous prize recipients

2005 David Awschalom
Tomasz Dietl
Hideo Ohno For their work on ferromagnetic semiconductors and spintronics.
Michel Devoret
Daniel Esteve
Johan Mooij
Yasunobu Nakamura
For the realisation and demonstration of the quantum bit concept based on superconducting circuits.

Heino Finkelmann
Mark Warner
For the discovery of a new class of materials called liquid crystal elastomers.

Bernard Barbara
Jonathan Friedman
Dante Gatteschi
Roberta Sessoli
Wolfgang Wernsdorfer For developing the field of quantum dynamics of nanomagnets, including the discovery of quantum tunnelling and interference in dynamics of magnetization.
Sumio Iijima
Cees Dekker
Thomas W. Ebbesen
Paul L. McEuen For the discovery of multi and single walled carbon nanotubes and pioneering studies of their fundamental mechanical and electronic properties.
2000 P. Carra, G. van der Laan, G. Schütz
For pioneering work in establishing the field of magnetic x-ray dichroism
1999 C. Glallti, M. Reznikov
For developing novel techniques for noise measurements in solids leading to experimental observation of carriers with a fractional charge.
1998 M. T. Rice
For Original Contributions to the Theory of Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
1997 A. Fert, P. Gruenberg, S. S. P. Parkin
For Discovery and Contribution to the Understanding of the Giant Magneto- resistance Effect in Transition-Metal Multilayers and for Demonstrations of its Potential for Technological Applications
1996 R.H. Friend
Pioneering work on Semiconducting Organic Polymer Materials and Demonstrating of an Organic Light Emitting Diode
1995 Yakir Aharonov, Michael V. Berry
For Introduction Fundamental Concepts in Physics that have profound Impact on Condensed Matter Science
1994 D.R. Huffman, W. Krätschmer, H.W. Kroto, R.E. Smalley
New Molecular Forms of Carbon and their Production in the Solid State
1993 B.L. Altshuler, A.G. Aronov, D.E. Khmelnitskii, A.I. Larkin, B. Spivak
Theoretical Work on Coherent Phenomena in disordered Conductors
1992 G. Ertl, H. Ibach, J. Peter Toennies
Pioneering Studies of Surface Structures, Dynamics and Reactions through the Development of Novel Experimental Methods
1991 K. Bechgaard, D. Jérome
For the Synthesis of a New Class of Organic Metals and the Discovery of their Superconductivity and Novel Magnetic Properties
1990 R. Car, M. Parrinello
A Novel and Powerful Method for the ab-initio Calculation of Molecular Dynamics
1989 F. Steglich, H.-R. Ott, G.G. Lonzarich
Pioneering Investigations of Heavy-Fermion Metals
1988 J.G. Bednorz, K.A. Müller
Discovery of High-Temperature Superconductivity
1987 I.K. Yanson
Point-Contact Spectroscopy in Metals
1986 F. Mezei
Neutron Spin Echo Spectroscopy
1985 J. Als-Nielsen, M. Pepper
The Experimental Study of Low Dimensional Physics
1984 G.K. Binnig, H. Rohrer
For building the Scanning Tunnelling Microscope
1983 A.F. Silvera
Atomic and Solid Hydrogen
1982 K. von Klitzing
Experimental Demonstration of the Quantized Hall Resistance
1980 O.K. Andersen, A.R. Miedema
Original Methods for the Calculation of the Electronic Properties of Materials
1979 E.A. Ash, J.H. Collins, Y.V. Gulaev, K.A. Ingebrigtsen, E.G.S. Paige
The Physical Principles of Surface Acoustic Wave Devices
1978 Z.I. Alferov
1977 W.E. Spear
Amorphous Silicon Devices
1976 W. Helfrich
Contributions to the Physics of Liquid Crystals
1975 V.S. Bagaev, L.V. Keldysh, J.E. Pokrovsky, M. Voos
The Condensation of Excitons