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Dr. Timothy W. Koeth

Tim is a Guest Scientist in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Rutgers University, and is the Director of the Rutgers' 12-Inch Cyclotron Project.

Tim is presently a member of the University of Maryland Research Faculty, click for his professional UMD webpage.

As time permits, Tim will assemble his personal website at www.timkoeth.com.

Timothy Koeth's Biography (from a recent CV)

Dr. Timothy W. Koeth has over fourteen years of technical and leadership experience in charged particle beam dynamics, accelerator physics and technology. He is also very active in accelerator physics education, advising graduate and undergraduate students. Timothy completed his doctoral work at Fermi National Accelerator Lab where he led two accelerator projects. Initially he directed a team of scientists and engineers to bring the first high-gradient superconducting RF cavity into operation at Fermilab; upon successful completion of that project he transitioned to a beam-physics experiment that would be the primary topic of his thesis. He designed, commissioned and completed the first experimental demonstration of a longitudinal-transverse phase space exchange. Timothy won the Rutgers Physics department's Professor Richard Plano Thesis Award, which acknowledges his thesis as the overall best in that year. After graduation, Timothy joined the research faculty of the University of Maryland. Presently his research investigates space charge dominated beams at the University of Maryland Electron Ring (UMER). At UMER, he has developed novel diagnostic techniques that have experimentally verified space charge effects predicted by simulation. Timothy's educational efforts include an undergraduate accelerator physics program at Rutgers University, which has, to-date, brought five students to pursue accelerator physics careers. Timothy has also been an instructor at the United States Particle Accelerator School, and is currently developing a new course on cyclotron design that he will teach January 2013 at Duke University. Timothy has recently joined the University of Maryland nuclear reactor group as the Associate Director of Research and Operations; he is interested in coupling his experience of cyclotrons and intense charged particle beams with sub-critical piles in the field of Accelerator Driven Systems. Timothy has given numerous invited presentations of his research, and is involved in collaborations throughout the world. Timothy's [technical] recreational activities include Amateur [Ham] Radio, he holds an FCC Extra Class license and his call sign is K0ETH (K-zero-ETH). He also enjoys high-resolution HPGe based Gamma Ray Spectroscopy, restoring old "500 Series" Tektronix Oscilloscopes, creating Lichtenberg Figures, and industrial photography.

You can e-mail Timothy at koeth_at_physics.rutgers.edu

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