Physics 601: Solid State Physics I
Fall 2004
Department of Physics and Astronomy, Rutgers University

1 Wed Introduction
8 Wed: III.1, III.2, III.3 (pp. 77-88) free and independent electron gas
13 Mon: II.1, II. 2, II. 3 Direct lattice and crystal structures     
15 Wed II. 4, II. 5 Reciprocal lattice and Brillouin zones
20 Mon X.1, X.2  Crystal structure determination by elastic scattering
22 Wed Crystal symmetry: point groups and space groups, part 1
27 Mon Crystal symmetry: point groups and space groups, part 2
<>29 Wed Tensor properties of single crystals

4 Mon I.1, II.6 Bloch's theorem and related quantities
6 Wed V.4 Bandstructure methods I: empirical pseudopotentials
11 Mon V.2 Bandstructure methods II: tight-binding
13 Wed Tight binding, continued
18 Mon VI.1 Bandstructure and cohesion of rare gas solids
20 Wed VI.2 Bandstructure and cohesion of ionic crystals
25 Mon VI.3 Bandstructure, Fermi surface and cohesion of metals
27 Wed VI.4 Bandstructure and cohesion of covalent semiconductors
1 Mon II.7 Density of states and critical points
3 Wed IV.1-5 Hartree and Hartree Fock
8 Mon IV.8 Thomas Fermi theory and density functional theory
10 Wed First principles total energy calculations
15 Mon VIII.1-2 Non-degenerate adiabatic potential energy surfaces
17 Wed  VIII.3 Degenerate adiabatic potential energy surfaces and the Jahn-Teller effect
22 Mon VIII.4 Hellmann-Feynman theorem and force calculations
29 Mon No class (MRS meeting)

1 Wed  IX.1-3 Classical lattice dynamics
6 Mon IX.4-5 Quantum theory of the harmonic crystal, specific heat
8 Wed  IX.7.1-2 Lattice dynamics of ionic crystals
13 Mon Ferroelectrics, piezoelectrics and related materials