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The following is a list of the books and articles I referenced in my paper. I omitted interviews and lecture notes because I refuse to scan my notes.

MNRAS - Article from Royal Astrophysics Society
ApJ - Article from Astrophysical Journal
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And purple italics delineate my ingenious commentary.

Begeman et al.
"Extended Rotation Curves of Spiral Galaxies: Dark Haloes and Modified Dynamics"
1991, MNRAS 249, 523
A concise and graphically rich article comparing MOND and Dark Matter for the rotation curves of several spiral galaxies, it is heavily referenced by any MOND researcher worth his or her salt.

Bennet, Jeffrey et al.
The Cosmic Perspective
Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1998
An astronomy textbook for those with little or no physics background, it's also an excellent coffee table piece.

Bekenstein, J. & Milgrom, M.
"Does the missing mass problem signal the breakdown of Newtonian gravity?"
1984, ApJ, 286, 7
One of the earliest articles focusing on MOND, Jimmy and Moti discuss solutions for the MOND field equations with proofs and derivations in the appendices for your obsessive-compulsive pleasure.

Carroll, B. & Ostlie, D.
An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics
Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1996
This one's close to my heart; C & O was my bed companion for a good 1.5 years of astrophysics w/ Prof. Matilsky.

Combes, F. et al.
Galaxies and Cosmology
New York: Springer, 1995
From the French with a brief discussion of the Tully-Fischer relation, booyaka.

Felten, James
"Milgrom's revision of Newton's Laws - Dynamical and cosmological consequences"
1984, ApJ 286, 3.
The perfunctory skeptic with well-meant but inadequate arguments against MOND.

Kuhn, Thomas
The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1970
The (in)famous Mr. Paradigm himself, with the seminal text on the philosophy of science.

Lake, George
Cosmology of the Local Group
A dense and poorly written overview of the history of DM regarding the local group, read at your own risk.

McGaugh, Stacy
The MOND Pages
This is just ubiquitous, isn't it?

Milgrom, Mordehai
"A modification of the Newtonian Dynamics as a possible alternative to the hidden mass hypothesis"
1983, ApJ, 270, 365
The paper that started it all - idle ponderings or the foundations of a scientific revolution?

Milgrom, Mordehai
"A modification of the Newtonian Dynamics - Implication for Galaxies"
1983, ApJ, 270, 371

Milgrom, Mordehai
"A modification of the Newtonian Dynamics - Implication for Galaxy Systems"
1983, ApJ, 270, 384

Milgrom, Mordehai
"Solutions for the modified Newtonian dynamics field equation"
1986, ApJ, 302, 617

Misner, C., Thorne, K., Wheeler, J. A.
New York: W. H. Freeman & Co., 1973
My favoite physics text, though often times it goes over my head. Replete with Wheeler's ultimate cliche about spacetime which I refuse to reiterate here. On a side note, don't buy this from, they're overcharging you about 30 dollars.

Rubin, Vera
"Dark Matter in the Universe"
Scientific American
A general info article about DM by the woman who first realized the implications of flat rotation curves for galaxies.

Sanders, R. H.
"Cosmology with Modified Newtonian Dynamics (MOND)"
1998, MNRAS, 296, 1009.
Trying to fit MOND with GR does not make for an elegant physics.

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