Physics 124

Analytical Physics I-B, Spring 2017

Contact Information for Instructors

Enhanced tutoring:  All instructors will be hosting enhanced tutoring sessions, starting the week of Jan 23 in ARC (MSLC) 332: Mondays 900 am to 100 pm, Thursdays Noon to 500 pm, Fridays Noon to 100 pm, and in ARC 328 on Wednesdays, 100 to 200 pm. You are encouraged to participate in these enhanced tutoring sessions, especially if you are struggling with mastering the material, including the homework.

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Lecturer: Prof. John Paul Chou

Office Hours: By appointment

Phone: 848-445-8961

email: johnpaul AT


Course Administrator: Prof. Jolie Cizewski

Group Tutoring: 9:00–10:00AM, Mondays, ARC (MSLC) 332

Phone: 848-445-8773

email: cizewski AT


Teaching Assistant: Humna Awan

Group Tutoring: 1:00–2:00PM, Wednesdays, ARC (MSLC) 328

email: awan AT


Teaching Assistant: Kyle Dettman

Group Tutoring: 4:00–5:00PM, Thursdays, ARC (MSLC) 332

email: kgd34 AT


Teaching Assistant: Yixing Fu

Group Tutoring: 12:00–1:00PM, Mondays, ARC (MSLC) 332

email: yxfu AT


Teaching Assistant: Jesus Rives

Group Tutoring: 12:00–1:00PM, Thursdays, ARC (MSLC) 332

email: jar471 AT


Teaching Assistant: Ramon Sharma

Group Tutoring: 2:00–3:00PM, Thursdays, ARC (MSLC) 332

email: ramon.sharma AT


Teaching Assistant: Xianghan Xu

Group Tutoring: 10:00–11:00AM, Mondays, ARC (MSLC) 332

email: xx80 AT


Teaching Assistant: Anthony Young

Group Tutoring: 11:00AM–12:00PM, Mondays, ARC (MSLC) 332

email: ayoung AT


Teaching Assistant: Zhenyuan Zhang

Group Tutoring: 3:00–4:00PM, Thursdays, ARC (MSLC) 332

email: zyzhang AT


Teaching Assistant: Tianhui Zhu

Group Tutoring: 12:00–1:00PM, Fridays, ARC (MSLC) 332

email: tz122 AT


Lecturer: Prof. John Paul Chou
Course Administrator:
Prof. Jolie Cizewski

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