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Growing strangelets

Assuming strangelets may be produced in collider experiments, they will be fairly small in size. They may only be meta-stable, and so for further study it would be advantageous if it were possible to `grow' them to some larger, completely stable size. This is the motivation for a suggested experiment.

The strangelets would first need to be separated, possibly by a mass spectrometer (the strangelets would have a larger momentum than the primary background sources). The relativistic strangelets of mass tex2html_wrap_inline618 would then be slowed by an electrostatic potential and sent into a storage ring. This ring would contain liquid deuterium tanks at several places, where the strangelets could absorb neutrons, quickly growing to sizes of tex2html_wrap_inline620 . The proposal for this experiment optimistically advertises the potential to use these stable strangelets as a compact energy source.

Joshua Holden
Sun May 17 15:37:00 EDT 1998