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Baryon number conserving decays

There are two tex2html_wrap_inline496 decay processes that contribute to the strangelet lifetime. The strangeness changing tex2html_wrap_inline496 decay, tex2html_wrap_inline500 , will be cabibo suppressed. The alternative tex2html_wrap_inline496 decay, tex2html_wrap_inline504 , will proceed if tex2html_wrap_inline506 . This will occur for strangelets with a charge sufficiently different from the charge at the energy minimum.

Strangelets may also decay toward flavor equilibrium via photon emission. This weak process will be additionally inhibited by the electromagnetic coupling.

Again, since A does not change in these decays, we can examine the decay in the (S,Z) plane. Unlike the baryon emission case, there is no large region of stability. There is a single point of absolute stability where the decay boundaries cross. Strangelets left elsewhere in this plane from neutron emission will tend to decay to this point.

Joshua Holden
Sun May 17 15:37:00 EDT 1998