Stars and Star Formation
Spring 2016


Weekly HW Assignments will be posted on the Assignments tab of the sakai course web site and must be turned in through sakai. Unless otherwise noted, H/W is due by 5:00PM, Friday, of the week indicated.

Week of Topics Covered HW Assignment
Jan 18 Physical introduction to stars None
Jan 25 Stellar fluxes and luminosities, temperature, thermal equilibrium, and statistical mechanics Assignment 1 (on sakai)
Feb 1 Stellar temperatures, Stellar classification Other relevant stellar observables Assignment 2 (on sakai)
Feb 8 Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, Stellar ages Star clusters, Stellar energetics, LIGO result on GW150914 and stellar endpoints Assignment 3 (on sakai)
Feb 15 Pressure of ideal non-degenerate gas; mean mass per particle, Pressure of ideal degenerate electron gas, density-temperature EoS regimes, Radiation pressure, brief summary of ASTRO-H ("Hitomi") science after successful launch Assignment 4 (on sakai)
Feb 22 Class cancelled Tues (Feb 23); Quasistatic changes, Specific Heats, Adiabatic indices, Effects of ionization None
Mar 14 Spring Break None
Mar 21 Midterm exam (Tues, Mar 22) Assignment TBD
May TBD Final Exam ...

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