High Energy Astrophysics
Fall 2015


Still Under Construction - Assignments will be Added as They Become Available - Please Check Back

HW Assignments are due before 4:30PM on Friday of the week indicated (except as noted)

Reading Assignments are from the course textbook by Rosswog and Bruggen (R&B)

Week of Reading Assignment HW Assignment
Aug 30 Chap 1 (R&B)
Summary of HEA science
Sep 6 Chap 2 (R&B)
Assignment 1 (on sakai)
Sep 13 Ionization losses
Begin photon interactions with matter
Thomson scattering Larmor's Formula (Section 3.7 R&B) Photoelectric absorption
Assignment 2 (on sakai)
Sep 20 Section 3.8.3 (R&B) Compton scattering, pair production, detectors (gas proportional counters) None
Sep 27 Finish gas detectors, CCDs
midterm review
Assignment 3 (on sakai)
Oct 4 First midterm (Tues, Oct 6)
Low T heat capacity, microcalorimeters
Assignment 4 (on sakai)
Oct 11 Finish microcalorimeters, Poisson distribution
X-ray reflection, optical constants, dispersion
Assignment 5 (on sakai)
Oct 18 X-ray telescopes
Begin Basic radiation properties
Assignment 6 (on sakai)
Oct 25 Finish Basic radiation properties
Blackbody radiation
Assignment 7 (on sakai)
Nov 1 Bremsstrahlung, radiative recombination
Two-photon continuum, Line emission
Intro to Galaxy Clusters
Assignment 8 (on sakai)
Nov 8 Class cancelled (Tues, Nov 10)
Finish line emission, midterm review
Assignment 9 (on sakai)
Nov 15 Second midterm (Tues, Nov 17)
Hydrostatic equilibrium in Galaxy Clusters
Nov 22 Finish galaxy clusters (Tues, Nov 22)
Shocks/SNRs (R&B 2.7 & 2.8 & 4.4) (Wed, Nov 23)
Nov 29 Finish Shocks/SNRs
Start Accretion (R&B Chap 6 and 8.4.2)
Assignment 10 (due Tuesday, Dec 1, on sakai)
Dec 6 Finish accretion (last class, Tues Dec 8) Assignment 11 (TBD)

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