SAS Honors Seminar "Einstein"
Fall 2012


Lecturer: Prof. Jack Hughes, Busch Campus, Serin-307, Tel: (732)445-5500x0980, e-mail: jph "at"


Overview: In this course we will explore the development of 20th century physics and astronomy through the contributions of Albert Einstein. Students will gain an understanding of special and general relativity, the development of modern physics through the 20th century, current efforts to unify the four forces that operate in the Universe, and the crucial role of Einstein's theories in modern astronomy and cosmology. Throughout the course we will look at Einstein as an icon in the world at large. This course is mainly for non-science majors, although some background in physics and mathematics will be very helpful.

Format: The course consists of 2 meetings (MW 2:50PM-4:10PM) each week in the Brett Hall Seminar Room, CAC.

Grading and Assessment: Final grades will be based on the following elements, weighted equally. Assignments will be graded on content as well as quality of writing. You will be required to turn in a draft of each of the two papers for feedback from me before final submission.

Announcements: Special announcements will be posted on the web. The home page for the course is

Office Hours: Tuesday 2:00pm - 3:00PM in room 307W Serin Physics Lab, Busch Campus. You may also come by Prof. Hughes' office anytime (best to phone or e-mail first) or send him brief questions via e-mail.

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