Physics of Sound 301
Spring 2005


Final projects should cover a topic in the science of sound, which can be considered quite broadly. For example, you can choose to research and present a topic from the textbook that we did not cover in class (the Reading and Homework Assignments web page summarizes what was and will be covered in class). Or you can do a project on the physics of your favorite musical instrument. Feel free to be imaginative!

All final projects need to be distinct and different from the others and so I need to approve your topic to avoid duplication. Please send me a brief summary of your project by e-mail and I will reply with an approval or request for more information. Here are the currently approved topics (in order of approval):

If you're drawing a blank, here are some possible topics:

You will have 10 minutes to give a presentation to the entire class on your final project during one of the last few classes of the semester. Once your project has been approved, send me a request for a time slot when you'd like to give your presentation. First come, first served so get back to me with your project ideas as soon as possible!


Date Order Project
April 21 1st David Sas
April 21 2nd Marielle Terzulli
April 21 3rd Randy Levine
April 21 4th John Mastrogiovanni
April 25 1st Heather Schweitzer
April 25 2nd David D'Ambrosio
April 25 3rd Robin Haines
April 25 4th Andrew Frankel
April 28 1st Steve Lee
April 28 2nd Rozalia Ziobro
April 28 3rd Utenge Utuk
April 28 4th Ray Vivar
May 2 1st Jim D'Amato
May 2 2nd Christopher Ludwikowski
May 2 3rd Rich Therkorn

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