Classical Physics Laboratory 275
Fall 2002


Course Supervisor: Prof. JP Hughes, Busch Campus, Serin-307, Tel: (732)445-0980, e-mail:

Textbook: Experimentation, 3rd Edition, by D. C. Baird (required) available from the bookstore.

Lab Manual: Classical Physics Laboratory Manual - Physics 275 - Fall 2002 is available at the web site Be sure to print out the lab manual and read it before class. Bring this copy with you to class. There are pre-lab exercises that are to be completed before each class and turned in at the beginning of the class period. (Note: there is no pre-lab exercise for the first lab meeting.)

Schedule: The schedule of experiments is available at the web site Lab meeting times are given here. Each week the new lab will be given for the first time on Monday and for the last time on Thursday. There are some weeks when there will be no labs. Please check the schedule carefully.

Class Location: Room 106, Serin Physics Lab, Busch Campus. The library lab meets in the Library of Science and Medicine, Busch Campus.

Attendance: You are required to attend your assigned section. If you attend another section without obtaining permission from Prof. Hughes beforehand, you will be penalized one-half grade on that week's lab report.

Make-up Labs: There are NO make-up labs. If you must miss a class due to illness or other valid reason tell Prof. Hughes and arrangements will be made for you to complete the lab during the same week. Missing a lab and using someone else's data is not allowed.

Grading: Grades will be based on the lab reports (70%), pre-lab assigments, homeworks, and quizes (20%), and class participation (10%). The library lab will count half of a normal lab. There will be no exams.

Labs and Lab Reports: You will do the experiments with a partner. You are expected to share the data and do the in-class parts together. However, anything done outside of class must be your own work. The labs vary in length and style of report required. Some will be finished in class, while others will have a report due the next week (to be handed-in at the begining of the next class). The discussion of results should generally be typed unless it is quite brief. Answers should be given in complete, well written sentences. Late reports will not be accepted without an exceptional reason and prior approval from your instructor.

Announcements: Special announcements will be posted on the web at The home page for the course is

Office Hours: Your TA will announce his office hour the first week of class. You may also come by Prof. Hughes' office anytime or send him questions via e-mail.


Enrollment in an honors program or permission of the department. For physics majors and honors students.

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