Electricity and Magnetism:

K2 of physics (Feynman)

Instructor: Lev Ioffe Homepage

Serin Physics 264E. Office hours: Monday and Wednesday 4:40-5:30 (after the classes).



    Main textbook (recommended):

    Jackson "Classical Electrodynamics" (any edition)

    For more theoretical approach:

    L. D. Landau and E. M. Lifshits, "Field Theory" (any edition)

    See also additional reading specific to lectures.

Part 2 (Spring 2008).

Time and place:

Monday and Wednesday 15:20-16:40 ARC 205.


MidTerm: March 12th

Lectures and homeworks:

1.     Conservation laws and symmetries of Maxwell equations. Lorentz invariance.

2.      Tensor of electromagnetic fields. Fields under Lorentz transformations. 

3.      Relativistic invariant formulation of conservation laws. Homework 1 (due February 11th)

4.      Summary of relativistic treatment of energy and particles. Energy momentum tensor of the matter. Cross section and distribution functions in relativistic theory.

5.      Radiation. Homework 2 (due February 18th).

6.      Dipole radiation and higher moments: magnetic dipole, quadrupole.

7.      Solution of Homework 2: Mossbauer effect, Cherenkov radiation. Homework 3 (due February 25th).  

8.      Cherenkov radiation: intensity.

9.      Solution of Homework 3 (Compton effect, anomalous Doppler effect in active media). Homework 4 (due March 3rd).

10.  Solution of Homework 3 (Relativistic motion in magnetic field, orbit stability).

11.  Solution of Homework 4 (Cherenkov effect of neutral particle with magnetic moment). Reflection and refraction of plane waves: review. Homework 5 (due March 23rd).

12.  Transition radiation.

13.  Mid Term exam.  

14.  Solution of Homework 5 and beyond: wave propagation in media with smoothly varying dielectric constant. Analogy with quasiclassical approximation in QM.

15.  Wave reflection from wide and smooth boundary layers. Analogy with over the barrier reflection in QM. Application of Kramers-Kronig approach to reflection coefficient.

16.  Wave propagation in plasma. Helical waves and whistling atmospherics.

17.  Magnetohydrodynamics of plasma: general equations and few examples. (Material in this lecture will not be covered by the exam, it is intended for students interested in plasma physics).

18.  Diffraction: general. Huygens principle, Kirchoff equation and its generalizations.

19.  Diffraction. Fraunhofer and Fresnel formulas.

20.  Waveguides: general. TEM, TE, TM modes.

21.  Waveguides: first examples. Homework 6 (due April 28th).