UPI Poll: Little hope on Iran sanctions (2 hours ago) '); document.write('

Thai panel formed to control some media (2 hours ago) '); document.write('

Hungary closes Gypsy-majority school (2 hours ago) '); document.write('

Turkish hotel blast kills one, injures 10 (3 hours ago) '); document.write('

UPI Poll: Iran could set off arms race (3 hours ago) '); document.write('

Scientist who warned of overfishing dies (3 hours ago) '); document.write('

Iran says stop making \'fuss\' (3 hours ago) '); document.write('

Thailand election announced (3 hours ago) '); document.write('

Tornadoes kill two in Oklahoma (4 hours ago) '); document.write('

British plans ministry targeting terrorism (4 hours ago) ');