Electromagnetism I (Rutgers Physics 385) Guide for Fall 2015

About the Course and the Instructor

Professor Yuri Gershtein will be in charge of the class, to be held during the TueThu4(Busch) period (1:40pm - 3:00pm) in SEC Room 208.
Contact information for me:
  • http://physics.rutgers.edu/~gershtein
  • Office: Serin W316 on Busch,
  • Phone: (848) 445-8963,
  • Fax: (732)445-4343,
  • E-mail: gershtein AT physics.rutgers.edu

    I follow open door policy so you do not have to make an appointment to see me. Feel free to walk in my office or call or email etc if you need help. You can also make an appointment if you prefer. There will be no office hour given the open door policy, but let me know if you want one.
    Your homeworks are graded by (TBA) Mai Ye, mye AT physics.rutgers.edu

    Textbook and Syllabus

    Our textbook will be Introduction to Electrodynamics, 4rd Ed., by David J. Griffiths (Prentice Hall) ISBN 9780321856562.

    Course Description:

    An intermediate course for physics majors and others who wish a thorough discussion of the fundamental laws of electromagnetism. Physics-385 will cover the first half of the book (electro- and magnetostatics).

    1. Vector Analysis: operations, derivatives, vector integrals, fundamental theorems
    2. Electrostatics: Electric field, Coulomb's law, divergence and curl, potential, work and energy, conductors.
    3. Special Techniques: Laplace's equation, method of images, separation of variables, multipole expansion
    4. Electric Fields in Matter: Polarization, fields, electric displacement, linear dielectrics
    5. Magnetostatics: Lorentz force, magnetic fields, Biot-Savart law, divergence and curl, vector potential
    6. Magnetic Fields in Matter: magnetization, fields, auxiliary magnetic field, linear and nonlinear magnetic media

    Course Philosophy and Feedback

    Hearing from you on a continual basis is extremely important. Your feedback (positive and negative) will allow us to tune the course better. Talk to me before/after class, in our offices, etc etc. You can also talk to our undergraduate director who can transmit your feedback to me anonymously if you so wish.

    Homework, Exams and Grades etc

    Homework assignments will be worth 30%, class exam 30% and the final 40%. Solutions to homework assignments and exams will be posted on the web. Since I will make every effort to post the solutions immediately, please make sure that you are not late in submitting the assignments. I plan to drop one (the worst) homework grade at the end. Subjective factors such as your effort, attendance, participation during discussions, and improvement during the term will also matter for your final grade. The exam schedule is:
    Class Exam (aka midterm):      October 20, during regular class period.
    Final Exam (CUMULATIVE!):      Dec 15, 12pm

    World Wide Web

    The URL for our home page is http://www.physics.rutgers.edu/ugrad/385
    Any important updates, weekly links to homeworks, exams and solutions, as well as your scores and grades will appear at this website.

    Administrative Assistance

    Professor Schnetzer (Office: Serin W328, Phone: 848-445-8975, e-mail: steves AT physics.rutgers.edu) is the physics undergraduate director.

    Ms. Katherine Lam (Serin W201, (848) 445-8763, klam AT physics.rutgers.edu) is the physics undergraduate program administrator. Please see her if you need administrative help (special permissions, etc).

    Students with Disabilities

    If you have a disability, you are urged to speak to me EARLY IN THE SEMESTER to make the necessary arrangements to support a successful learning experience. For further information, click here.
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