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Yuri Gershtein

Professor I

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Rutgers University

136 Frelinghuysen Rd,

Piscataway, NJ 08854


Office: W316 Serin

Phone: (848) 445-8963

            (630) 840-3784 (FNAL)

            +41 (0)76 408-5243 (CERN)

Fax:     (732) 445-4343


D0 New Jersey

I do research in High Energy Physics together with other members of the Rutgers HEX group. I have helped with the recent Higgs boson discovery and continue to look for physics beyond the Standard Model with CMS experiment at the LHC.

Here's my CV

Spring 2017: Physics 382 (Mechanics II)
Fall 2016: Physics 381 (Mechanics I)
Spring 2014,15,16: Physics 386 (E&M II)
Fall 2013,14,15: Physics 385 (E&M I)
Spring 2010-2011: Physics 418
Fall 2009-2011: Physics 271
Spring 2009: Physics 204

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