PHY 110: Astronomy and Cosmology

Stars, Galaxies and the Universe

Fall 2010

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The following list is just a sampling of the multitude of websites that deal with astronomy and cosmology.


1. General Astronomy

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2.  Websites on the Sky

  • Antonio Cidadão's Time-lapse Animations A collection of very nice animations of objects in the sky (the stars, moon, planets, etc.) done by an amateur astronomer.
  • Concam Images of the sky as it appears over many of the world's most famous astronomical observatories. (The point in Africa indicates the Southern African Large Telescope, which is partly owned by Rutgers! See below for details.)
  • Earth and Moon Viewer Various views of the Earth and Moon

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3. Exploration of the Solar System

  • Welcome to the Planets Images from NASA's planetary exploration program. Objects and spacecraft.
  • Near Earth Asteroid Rendevous Mission This spacecraft touched down on the asteriod Eros.
  • Mars Pathfinder Fantasically successful Mars lander from the summer of 1997.
  • Galileo Home Page Spacecraft that visited Jupiter, sending back many pictures.
  • Lunar Prospector Homepage Spacecraft that orbited the Moon and mapped the composition of the surface.
  • SEDS Homepage of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space.
  • Mars Exploration Rover Mission Homepage of the NASA mission which put two rovers on the surface of Mars in 2004.
  • Mars Express European Space Agency (ESA) mission to Mars. Arrived at Mars on December 25, 2003.
  • Cassini-Huygens Homepage of the NASA spacecraft (currently en route) to orbit Saturn and drop a lander onto the surface of its largest moon, Titan. Arrival at Saturn was July 2004.

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4. "Life on Mars"

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5.  Comets, Meteors and Impacts

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6.  Astronomical Observatories

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7.  History of Astronomy

Read the biographies of the following Astronomers in the History of Mathematics.

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8.  Planets Around Other Stars

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9.  The Sun

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10.  Thinking Skeptically

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11.  Global Warming

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