Background comment by D.Pinkwater is a brief excerpt from quite Malamute oriented Dog Essays tape featuring humorous and touching look at life with dogs. You can listen to more of his ancient artistry of "campfire tales" at his website and even buy his tapes... [Background sound copyright by Daniel Pinkwater. All Rights Reserved. Not to be used without permission.]

Here is a personal impression about the Alaskan Malamute dogs by the owner of one of these gentle giants. Some pictures of him in various stages of his life and activity can be seen in the left window. He, unfortunately, passed away from liver cancer in 12/2000. This page is now kept in his honor.

His name was Puffin Mahenguin. Puffin part comes from his cuteness - as the Puffin bird. Mahenguin is name for the wolf in one of Alaskan tribal languages. It also means "always in the search for food" - just as Malamutes are...

Alaskan Malamutes are dogs whose good characteristics are in the same time their bad characteristics. They are cute, and they know it. They will attempt (succesfully) to use this treat to escape from any trouble they make. They are clever, thus very creative in the ways of getting into the trouble. They are persistant: "one who can stand more - wins"! Finally, they are athletic beyond your imagination - which makes it that much easier for them to get into the trouble.

To see photojournal from our 10 day dog-sledding expedition through Denali National Park, click on Puffin dog sledding picture. (Slide show style, 36 pictures).

To learn helpful things about raising Malamute puppy, click on puppy picture of my dog on the left.

To read some fun on Malamute account, click on the picture where Puffin is sneaking around the tree on the left.

To learn about WPD dog title and how we have done it, click on the Puffin picture with backpack on the left. (WPD means: Working Pack Dog).[Comming soon].

From the very fact that I am using D.Pinkwater tale as background sound of this page you may conclude that I do not only share his experience but enjoy his work too. My thanks go to him for allowing me to use his art for enhancment of my page.

More about joy of Malamute ownership is soon to come.