- To keep your Malamute in good health, be shure to regularly visit your veterinarian and keep all shots up-to-date.

- In addition to typical shots and hearthworm prevention pills, you might consider LYME vaccination, particularly if you plan (as many Malamute owners) to hike with dog frequently. By information from my vet, he had never observed any side-effect from this vaccine and none of dogs he vaccinated ever got LYME diesise (important, as we live in "LYME" capitol lands - Long Island , NY, USA). Also, "Program" flea protection pills seem to work great and are again usefull if you go in the fields/woods often.

- Puppies will develop diahreas. From all different reasons. If it is persistant (couple of days ) try following remedy:

Feed dog for one day mixture of one cup steamed rice and no-fat yoogurt, instead of his usual food. Do not do it for more than one day. If in following two days diahrea persists, visit your vet. It might be bigger problem, (or just really badly upset pup-stomach).

- Big health concern with Malamutes is bloat and intestinal blockage. To prevent bloat, feed them more smaller portions of food. To prevent blockage (from which they can die), take away and keep them away of small objects they could swalow and not digest (small toys, teniss bals, etc). Watch for stone-eating, as that is common mal-practice of Malamutes!

- If dog did grab something he should not, grab back of his mouth, turn his lips inside over his teeth, and open his mouth to remove the object. This procedure will also be a teaching session as it is uncomfortable to dog and he might think twice before attempting to grab something else that he should not.