Clever Malamutes are easy to teach a lot of commands. However, they are so clever that they develop their own understanding of them. For example, COME - means for Malamute to run at once and at full power toward the owner, smashing into him to minimize braking time (and so come faster). Owner must be pleased with such performance, thus after comming, Malamute will sit in front of you, drooling generosly on your feet to remind forgetfull humans of the need for treat after such good job have been done. SIT, in their understanding means to sit sticking just next to the owner and expect a lot of petting. If petting is not provided, it means that sticking is not yet tight enough. DOWN is signal to performe slow-motion demonstration of a dog laying down. If fuel (read treats) is not provided, this exausting operation must be halted until energy is provided. DROP means to throw self down on the ground, roll around and remain on back, paws wiggling until such time comes that tummy-rub is provided. Finally, LEAVE-IT is a signal to stop obeying any commands and go about own buissnes,... HEEL is a common greeting people give to a well behaved Malamutes.

More about joy of Malamute ownership is soon to come.