This is the begining of the slideshow type photojournal of our memorable 10 day dog sledding expedition from Lake Minchumina to the place near the end of Slippery Glacier underneath Wickersham Wall of Mount McKinley/Denali, through Denali National Park. This trip have been hosted in most organised, generous and friendly way by the Hayden family of Denali West lodge located at Lake Minchumina, Alaska - just north west from the Denali National Park border (top left corner of the map above). Our route followed general direction of Foraker River (see map above), staying mostly near Slippery Creek, located somewhat East from the Foraker River. We have traveled as far South as the area arround word "Kinley" (of Mt.McKinley) on the map - just underneath Wickersham Wall. Than we retraced our way back.

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