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Video files from the 9th Synthesis Imaging Summer School held by NRAO at Socorro, NM 6/15-6/22/04

Please notice that links from this page will allow you to watch videos of recoreded talks presented during the 9th Synthesis Imaging Summer School held by NRAO at Socorro, NM 6/15/04-6/22/04. Not all of the talks were recorded, for technical reasons. (Computer used for recording have been malfunctioning during the second day of the School due to the Windows OS update gone wrong. Hence second day talks are missing. Of other problems: First day talks have more slanted video and lesser audio than the remainder. Also, I was far too interested in S.Myers talk to remember to turn on recording promptly [very begining of it is missing]...).

Quality of the recordings is low but they provide a good reference for use together with the other conference materials (please see powerpoint and PDF records of the talks posted on the NRAO site). PDF and Powerpoint files of the talks should provide you with clear view of the content, while following the outline on the video and audio of the talk. I took liberty and provided direct links to PDF/Powerpoint sources at NRAO from this page as well...

Technically, recordings are provided in the RealPlayer stream form, derived from the NTSC VCD original recording and will automatically adjust to three Internet access speeds (56k [modem], 256k [slow DSL], 768k+ [any faster speeds]).

Requirements for RealPlayer video stream watching is any RealPlayer program on any platform equal or better than RealPlayer8 (see Real Networks for free downloads), including RealOne and RealG2... On Linux and Unix machines you need RealVideo9 codec installed (notice change codec filename to .tar and do tar xvf to extract). On Mac machines, proper plugin for Quicktime video will also allow you to see this content via Quicktime. Similarly, on any other platform any other Video software capable of displaying RealPlayer content can do the same job.

Suggestion for best results: Please check in RealPlayer (or similar software) that your settings correspond to the actual Internet Bandwith you have available, as that will guarantee you the best possible video reception. (If this setting is wrong, software may deliver you a poorer quality video, despite your capability to receive it better). In real player this setting is located at menu: Tools->Preferences->Connection. Bandwidth: Normal choice there should be set to the actual quality of your connection (ex. "modem" if you connect via modem, "DSL" if you connect via DSL, etc.).

Thanks to VLA/NRAO staff for excellent organization of this event and the permission to record the talks. All talks are copyright of the Speakers and one should contact them regarding any further usage permissions. I am sending hard copies both of the original VCD MPEG files and RealPlayer rm streams to Claire Chandler. If you want these originals you'll need to arrange for download with her as I do not have space and bandwidth to provide downloads of these huge files (streaming is much less demanding).

Finally, as an added bonus, please find here links to three sets of photographs taken by me while attending this Sunmmer School. Copyright of all images is by me. Please feel free to download them. If intending to use them in any publication please inform me first (for such purposes I have much higher resolution versions).



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Presentations (click on the Speaker name for video stream. If not a link - that talk have not been recorded.)

Lecturer Title
Rick Perley Fundamentals of Radio Interferometry Powerpoint file Handout (pdf)
Peter Napier Antennas in Radio Astronomy Powerpoint file Handout (pdf)
Walter Brisken Cross Correlators Powerpoint file Handout (pdf)
George Moellenbrock Calibration and Editing Powerpoint file Handout (pdf)
Steve Myers Polarization in Interferometry Powerpoint file Handout (pdf)
Sanjay Bhatnagar Imaging and Deconvolution Powerpoint file Handout (pdf)
Joan Wrobel Sensitivity Powerpoint file Handout (pdf)
Tim Cornwell Self-Calibration Powerpoint file Handout (pdf)
Michael Rupen Spectral Line Observing I Powerpoint file Handout (pdf)
John Hibbard Spectral Line Observing II Powerpoint file Handout (pdf)
Michael Rupen Radio Interferometer Data Archives Powerpoint file Handout (pdf)
Craig Walker Very Long Baseline Interferometry Powerpoint file Handout (pdf)
Lorant Sjouwerman Spectral Line VLBI Powerpoint file Handout (pdf)
Ed Fomalont Error Recognition and Image Analysis Powerpoint file Handout (pdf)
Tony Beasley Radio Science and Future Interferometers Powerpoint file Handout (pdf)
Chris Haniff Optical Interferometry: Practice and Problems Powerpoint file Handout (pdf)
Michelle Creech-Eakman Science Results and Future Prospects for Powerpoint file Handout (pdf)
Optical/IR Interferometry
Bryan Butler Interferometry of Solar System Objects Powerpoint file Handout (pdf)
Rick Perley Wide Field Imaging I: Non-Coplanar Arrays Powerpoint file Handout (pdf)
Tim Cornwell Wide Field Imaging II: Mosaicing Powerpoint file Handout (pdf)
Crystal Brogan Low Frequency Interferometry Powerpoint file Handout (pdf)
Debra Shepherd Millimeter Interferometry Powerpoint file Handout (pdf)
Craig Walker High Dynamic Range Imaging Powerpoint file Handout (pdf)
Greg Taylor Non-Imaging Data Analysis Powerpoint file Handout (pdf)
Mark Wieringa Array Design Powerpoint file Handout (pdf)
Joan Wrobel Proposal Writing Powerpoint file Handout (pdf)

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