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Background music originates from this frame.

Hello and WELCOME. I am Dusan Maletic and this is the root-web-page which connects my three web-pages, each devoted to different subject. My career is focused on accelerator building, hence my main page is devoted to ACCELERATORS. As I share the reneisannce view of inseparable Science, Nature and Art - you can also explore my pages about ALASKAN MALAMUTES - the powerfull northern dog breed and about PAINTINGS made mostly by famous Yugoslavian painters, belonging to my family.

Somebody said that building accelerators today have the same meaning as building of the Gothic Chatedrals had in their time. Following that symbolism, you can begin exploration of the previously mentioned pages by clicking somewhere on the "White Angel" fresco from the XIII century Serbian Monastery of Mileseva. Also, please note that main backgrounds of my pages are releifs from the XII century Serbian Monastery of Studenica . Both of these details show a little of my (and my homeland) cultural origins.

If you are equipped with RealAudio software, you will hear background music on each of 4 main pages. Starting from ancient marching music and hymn to last century folk music and modern day pop-music from Yugoslavia. One more cultural background detail...

Background music on this page is ancient Serbian Hymn. Song name is "Boze Pravde" ("God of Justice") and it is performed by Hor Republike Srpske (official Choir of Republic Srpska).

Please note that my pages are under continuous construction. Hence, some places on my imagemaps still do not lead anywhere at the present time. Check up again later, who knows what you could find at the previously empty spot.