Few details about me, Dusan Maletic :

Born in Belgrade (Beograd), Serbia, Yugoslavia , in 1963. Mother Radmila Maletic , Mathematics Prof. and father Mihailo Maletic , historian, publicist and book editor.

Presently living on Long Island, New York, USA. Married to Amy Lau . Our Alaskan Malamute dog named Puffin Mahenguin have passed away recently from cancer.

Studied Technical Physics at the Faculty for Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia (Diplomed Engineer) and Physics at the State University of New York at Stony Brook (Master Degree, working toward Ph.D.).

I worked as Physicist at Brookhaven National Laboratory , Upton, NY, USA. In particular on RHIC, NSLS, AGS and NSNS projects. Now I work for Rutgers University .

Work interests: Computer simulations in Physics, accelerator design and new accelerator technology - in particular heavy ion accelerators and the Crystalline Beams. My main achievements are participation in the design of Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) and in the design of National Neutron Spalation Source (NSNS) accelerator system (to be built in Oak Ridge National laboratory, TN, USA). You can look through the list of my publications , if interested.

Personal interests: Science popularization , Physics teaching , education against occult and superstitious , visual arts - in particular photography , Alaskan Malamute dogs , human brain - in particular autism problem , culinary art , preservation of Serbian culture , Ortodox and Protestant Christianity and many more things. See, also, my page on our experience with Saturn SW2 car.