1+1 =3? The frontier science of emergent materials.

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Table of contents

1+1 =3? The frontier science of emergent materials.

Materials in the Revolutionary Wars.

Copper 2000: part of a more general challenge: Emergent Materials

Size Matters

1+1=3 : Matter Waves

BE Condensation

Pauli Despairs

The New Frontier

Emergent Phenomena

What are superconductors?

Magnetic Fields are Expelled

Tosanuomi is levitated.

Cooper Pairs Condense 

"Generalized Rigidity"

Tc = 160 Kelvin

Electron Spin Holds the Key

Quantum Critical Points

Cosmology, Strings and the Emergent Frontier

The future.

Author: Piers 

E-mail: coleman@physics.rutgers.edu

Homepage: www.physics.rutgers.edu/~coleman 

Further information:
This is an early version of a talk to be presented as a public lecture on 11th January, 2000, at the Wheeler Opera House, Aspen, Colorado. Piers Coleman is supported by a Grant from the National Science Foundation.

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