CV  Present & Recent Research Interests    Aram Z. Mekjian

My main research interests are in the areas of nuclear and particle physics and nuclear astrophysics. I also have an interest in biophysics, statistical mechanics and discrete mathematics. I have done some work in cosmology.

Presently I am writing a textbook:
Statistical Models and Stochastic Networks in Physics, Biology and Mathematical Finance. 

Specific topics of interest are as follows.
Present main research topics
   Feshbach resonances in strongly correlated fermionic systems
      In particular, proton/neutron systems with underlying isospin symmetries.
      Unitary limit and studies of limiting universal thermodynamics in these systems

   Applying density functional theory to study properties of hadronic matter at finite
   Symmetry potential and the isospin structure of neutron/proton systems and its role in

      neutron stars and nuclear astrophysics
   Using methods from discrete mathematics and combinatorial analysis to develop

      exactly soluble models in statistical physics.  Example- obtaining the canonical
      partition function from a recursive combinatorial approach which showed that the
      liquid/gas phase transition in a two component nuclear system was first order
   Random processes, Levy distributions and Polya theory – applications to physics,

      biology and mathematical finance
Recent and ongoing research
   Liquid-Gas phase transition in finite two component nuclear systems - role of surface
      energy, symmetry energy, Coulomb energy and velocity dependence of the nuclear
      interaction. nucleon effective mass effects

   Multifragmentation & cluster production in nuclear collisions; also its relation to
      percolation theory, Ising models and Anderson localization
   Disorder effects in a nuclear systems
   Quantum critical behavior in correlated hadronic systems

   Particle multiplicity distributions in very high energy elementary particle collisions -
      parallels with Glauber’s photon count distributions. Feynman-Wilson gas model
   Relativistic heavy ion collisions –developed a statistical model 

   Large scale structure in cosmology- theory of voids and hierarchical structure
      approaches; correlation functions

   Population genetics & reformulation of physics techniques to issues related to
      biophysics; stochastic abundance models

   Understanding power laws, self similarity and scale invariance in the natural sciences  
      Power laws from a generalized hypergeometric model