Aram Mekjian

POSITION:        Professor of Physics
TELEPHONE:       (732) 445-5500 x2515
OFFICE:          Serin Physics W317
                 Rutgers University
                 Department of Physics
                              and Astronomy
                 P.O. Box 849
                 Piscataway, N.J. 08855-0849  USA

California Institute of Technology
University of Maryland

Research in Physics
My research work is in theoretical physics. I am using statistical mechanics to investigate high energy collisions and fragmentation phenomena. These collisions produce situations that are similar to the very early universe when it was at high temperature and density. Other research interests are in the field of evolutionary biology and in discrete mathematics - namely combinatorial analysis.
Current Research

I have taught both graduate and undergraduate courses. Examples are: Modern Optics and Thermal/Statistical Physics.

List of Publications

I studied painting/life drawing/lithography at the Art Students League in New York and I audited art history courses at Rutgers University. Some of my paintings try to combine my interest in science and in art. If you'd like to see some of my artwork, visit my Artwork page.

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