Term paper topics

K. Appelgate Extraterrestrial Life: Links Between Science and Popular Culture
E. Berman The Impact of Catastrophes on Life
J. Churgin The Search for Earth-Mass Extrasolar Planets
D. Ficula Vera Rubin and Carolyn Shoemaker as Women Astronomers
C. Grillo The Cambrian Explosion
S. Ilyas Terraforming Mars
S. Mitchell Extremophiles in Ice
L. Piazza The Physics of Interstellar Communication and Travel
K. Rafferty The Drake Equation
N. Ramay The (Possible) Origin of Life on Mars
J. Remsen Creating Life in a Lab: Is It Possible, and What Are the Implications?
C. Salloum The History and Politics of NASA's Support for SETI and Astrobiology
P. Yan Metabolism vs. Replication and the Origin of Life

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