Term paper topics (proposed/approved). "L" in first column indicates documented library visit.

M. Athar Searching for Life on Mars and Dyson Spheres
L. Berger To Defy the Fermi Paradox
L. Blaha Extremophilic Adaptations and the Implications for Life on Jupiter's Icy Moon Europa
M. Carroll The Future of Space Exploration
L B. Forrest Martian Meteorites
L Y. Gabbay The National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Recent and Future Funding Priorities
J. Pao The Terraforming of Mars
L S. Parikh Stars: The Fuel of the Universe
L J. Reichert The History of SETI
L N. Sbeiti The History of Extraterrestrial Life in Popular Culture
B. Singh The Evolution of Intelligence
A. Tamutus Looking Indirectly at the Interstellar: Towards Assessing the Habitability of Exoplanets

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